Coffee. Scotch. Bowties.

A few things I love

Coffee, Scotch, and Bowties. There’s a lot more to me than these three things, but these simple pleasures represent a mindset of comfort, class, and character; All components I value when defining myself both personally and professionally.

There’s something about a wedding day that gives me a perpetual smile while still allowing an emotional look at how beautiful any given moment can be. This job has allowed me to laugh from the belly, dance with joy, and even tear up all in the same day.

Beyond work, my heart lives in adventures. I’ve lived out of a backpack for the better part of a year travelling from Mexico through Central America and into Colombia. The warm weather and striking blue waters of the Caribbean will always make me feel comfort – even more than a glass of scotch. The mystery and wonder of travel isn’t just a concept that I hope to taste, but something that has come to define me and how I see the world.

There’s so much beauty to see; so many people to meet; so many awesome moments to witness. If you wanna really get me on a roll, when we meet in person – over coffee or drinks, of course – ask me all about spending months living on a boat, climbing and photographing 4000m tall active volcanoes, or hiking through pitch black jungle just to get to the nearest bar after a week at sea.

It's not all serious

I tend to have a silly overall personality. See my majestic Christmas card portrait featuring Sherlock, my oversized kitten. I definitely love to laugh and have the best time whether it’s at a wedding during portraits, dancing at the end of the night, or just out with friends.

Some of my favorite weddings, and some of my favorite clients are those that become friends after my work is done. I guess that’s the real description of me, just looking to have an amazing time in this world, taking epic, beautiful, raw photos, and meeting wonderful new people.

I’m all about the adventure.

Published: National Geographic, Seattle Bride, Arizona Bride, Business Insider, "Life on Instagram 2017" by Penguin Books, Huffington Post.
Awards: Siena, Italy International Photo Awards (Honorable Mention Best Landscape)
Non-Wedding Clients: Hyatt, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Delta, Hilton, among others.