November 4, 2016 /

Mercer + Grey ~ Fall Clothing Shoot


I had the most amazing time shooting a bit of Seattle fall fashion for Mercer + Grey, a Seattle-based online clothing company who just launched their stunning line today! Capturing a clean look for their catalog was crucial to fit their website and branding, which isn’t the easiest to do in the dark fall weather here in Seattle. So we took the shoot indoors and with a bit of lighting pop I think we created a classic, clean, and fun look that’ll fit Mercer + Grey’s image perfectly! I can’t wait for the spring shoot, but in the meantime, make sure you pop over and look at all the fall and winter styles Mercer + Grey offers to get you that perfect outfit!


Mercer + Grey Seattle Clothing and Fashion Photography

Seattle Fall Fashion clothes with scarf and coat

Happy Holla Days Women's fashion shirt

Road Trips and Donuts Women's top

Holiday fashion

Seattle Fall Fashion sweater

Mercer + Grey Seattle Clothing and Fashion Photography

Seattle Fashion Clothing looks

Mercer + Grey Seattle Clothing and Fashion Photography


As a fun little extra, here’s a “behind the scenes” video of the day’s shoot!


Rarely, like once in a long while, do I get my own picture taken. So when Andrea (one of the models) offered to take a picture of me, I couldn’t say no! Here’s a portrait of myself for extra fun 🙂

Andy Shepard in studio

Shoot Location: Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington

Company: Mercer + Grey

Photography by: Andy Shepard